Why it seems like I don’t exist anymore


Well, that is what has been on my mind lately. That is why it seems like I don’t exist anymore. On the internet I do not exist as much as I did, indeed. But in real life my agenda is full of deadlines. I can’t wait until I walk along the beach, jump in the pool and enjoy life.

I’ll be like: I need to write an article, because otherwise everyone who reads this blog will think I am dead. I’ve been a little gone from this earth lately. As soon as my holiday starts, I will be free like a bird. It takes long hours, minutes and days. Days fly by, but on the other hand they go so slowly. Now you’re definitely not wondering what is happening with me. Everyone knows the only thing that is breaking down my happiness is school. School feels like a rock, like a hundred thousand pounds.

Being completely out of my mind, my head spins even more than it does normally. For all fellow students that suffer from this thing called school, you know what I’m talking about. Unless you’re not as ridiculously stupid to delay everything, or you are a nerd, or you are someone who actually is able to concentrate, or you are a person who just is a type that doesn’t like daydreaming. Always I think about myself being an extremely smart person, but in the end something always goes the wrong way.

I am done, literally done, with teachers, students, schools, hot chocolate that costs ten cents, chairs and tables. Not to forget the keyboard of my laptop. I just want it to be summer, chill at the pool. I’m sure it is possible to live without cares. It is simply about ending the school year and passing all the tests. Sometimes I need that teacher from high school who always told me what to do, when planning was not my thing at all. Yes, sometimes I am a typical high school student who needs detention now and then. No planning, no learning, but just living the life. And besides that, doubts about liking the study I am taking at the moment. They count too. Future sometimes is a big black hole with no ending. I am glad my boyfriend is smart and he will probably make a lot of money. Staying home all day painting, with three cats will be fine. Though I would rather just find a job that makes me happy. Yes, he reads my blog.


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